40 Million People Will Be Out Of Work Next Year, OECD Warns

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While today’s IMF cut in US growth estimates served merely to reestablish long positions in the long end of the curve and to serve as a basis for this quarter’s IMF “comedy of errors” update, a more concerning update was presented by the far more credible OECD whose latest forecast is truly troubling for all those who claim the global economy is in a recovery.

As reported by AFP, in the latest economic forecast from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Paris-based body made up of 34 of the world’s most developed countries, the conclusion is that the world economy risks being bogged down in a low-growth spiral unless measures are taken to spur demand and incite businesses to boost their stubbornly sluggish investments.

Hint: raise rates now, send the economy into a tailspin, do QE4 imminently, pretend it is to “boost the economy”, send…

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