Hidden Cam: Director Says VA Turning Veterans Into Drug Addicts, Give Out Drugs Like ‘Candy’. 22 Vets Commit Suicide Every Day…

Random Candidate

Investigator James O’Keefe, whose previous undercover videos have exposed scandals involving ACORN, PBS, and voter fraud, has interviewed people who raise disturbing questions about the VA’s inability to treat the underlying causes of veterans’ emotional problems, as it falls back on a regime of drug therapies that often mask the problems or have serious side effects that make matters worse. A video from his group Project Veritas asks why an increasing number of military graveyards are being filled with people who died at their own hands rather than in combat.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/hidden-cam-director-says-va-turning-veterans-into-drug-addicts-give-out-drugs-like-candy-22-vets-commit-suicide-every-day/#itp4TaBxvyXBEvyt.99

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