America as a Dangerous Flailing Beast

Starvin Larry


From John Chuckman, a former chief economist for a large Canadian oil company, as posted on, with a preliminary comment from by Stucky from that site:

I like this article. Not that it has a lot of new stuff. Rather, it’s a wonderful collection of old important stuff in one place. Also, the author does not go off the deep end in histrionics as authors of such doom&gloom articles are sometimes wont to do in order to attract readers. Just a nice, reasonable approach. “Just the facts, Ma’am” …. and man, are we fucked six ways to Sunday.

America as Dangerous Flailing Beast

Despite pretty talk about “democracy” and “human rights,” U.S. leaders have become the world’s chief purveyors of chaos and death – from Vietnam through Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and many other unfortunate nations, a dangerous dilemma addressed by John Chuckman.


When I think…

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