Jumping worms invade Wisconsin! DNR warning that this ‘crazy’ species is spreading


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FRANKLIN — Talk about creepy crawlers! A new invasive species from Asia is spreading quickly throughout southeast Wisconsin. You’ll know you found one if it jumps.

This creepy crawler got a comical reaction from kids who took a look at video of ‘jumping worms’ on Thursday, June 25th. Even though it’s kinda funny to see, officials with the Wisconsin DNR are asking the public to help stop the worms from spreading.

This invasive species is called the ‘crazy worm’ or the ‘jumping worm’ and it’s easy to see why.

“If you poke them, they will thrash quite wildly and can appear to jump,” said DNR Forest Health Specialist Bill McNee.

The invasive worms were first reported in Wisconsin in 2013.

Jumping worms Jumping worms

“Like any invasive species we have in Wisconsin, they’re going to become more abundant,” said McNee.

Now they’ve been reported in 14 counties — including Sheboygan, Jefferson, Waukesha…

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