Amoeba Scare Unsettles Visitors To Lake Minnewaska

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The death of a young swimmer who contracted a brain-eating amoeba in a western Minnesota lake has rippled throughout the community.

People from the town of Glenwood, located on Lake Minnewaska, are offering their thoughts and prayers to Hunter Boutain’s family.

Boutain, 14, contracted the rare brain infection Tuesday while swimming in the Pope County lake.

Lifeguards say the beach has been quiet this week, and until Thursday they didn’t see even one swimmer enter the water.

At Woodlawn Resort in Glenwood, this is typically the busiest month of the year.

But aside from the post-Fourth lull, there’s an extra stillness in the town, an extra heaviness.

“Our lake is safe, but to this family, it wasn’t,” Scott Orgman Crumb said. “We are thinking and praying for them.”

It seems Lake Minnewaska is now a place people just don’t want to be.

“Many customers have called and said they’re not coming to this lake for the rest of the of…

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